Lythe course expands

Following a healthy run of enquiries and applications we have significantly increased the numbers of participants in our second year! Lythe Course 2015 will allow opportunities for intensive one-to-one and group coaching with early music specialists Jane Booth, John Irving, James Brookmyre, and keyboard maker Johannes Secker on:



Classical Clarinets

Harpsichord and Virginals



The sessions will take place in three venues in the wonderful village of Lythe, with course concerts at East Barnby, Sandsend and Lythe. The Sandsend concert will feature a new Italian Virginals that Johannes is building especially for the course.

This year, we will be looking to increase the proportion of time devoted to duo and group performance, and we are fortunate to have secured the services of Dr Peter Bullett as course accompanist. Peter is a fine organist and pianist, with experience also on harpsichord and as a choral conductor. P1000475


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