Lythe Chamber Music 3 – the countdown begins…

Just 10 days to go now before the start of Lythe Chamber Music 2016!

P1000487We have a varied line up of events, including a Beethoven concert at the lovely Chapel of St Mary’s, Sandsend on 1 August at 7pm. Featuring Jane Booth (clarinet), Ruth Alford (cello and John Irving (piano), we’ll explore a virtuosic early Cello Sonata Op.5, written for the King of Prussia and the Clarinet Trio Op.11. The Clarinet Trio will also feature strongly throughout the week as the focus of chamber music studies for our talented students. On Thursday, we close the course in St Oswald’s, Lythe (7pm) with a concert of work undertaken by students through the week, featuring recorders, clarinets, and a variety of keyboards manufactured and maintained by local builder, Johannes Secker.

P1000475In between, we have a varied and busy programme of activities, based at St Oswald’s, at the Village Hall, and at Lythe School. We’ll no doubt be congregating in the Village Stores too during the week, so if you’re around, do say hello!IMG_0973


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