Space, place, craftsmanship and music

Lythe and the surrounding area along the coast road north of Whitby is home to a fascinating range of craftsmanship.

Lythe has been a place of habitation since well before the Domesday Book (in which it is mentioned). Its most prominent monument is St Oswald’s Church



at the top of Lythe Bank, a place of worship for well over a Millennium and home to a superb collection of Anglo-Scandinavian carved stones. A more recent example of fine craftsmanship is the near-complete rebuilding of the church in 1910-11, including the beautiful screen, stained glass and vaulting in the Lady Chapel.IMG_0843


Integral to the idea of the Lythe Chamber Music Course is the celebration of present-day craftsmanship and performance of music in spaces showcasing artistic production in varied forms, be it stained glass making, art and ceramics or the keyboard instruments of Johannes Secker.



Our concerts in 2014 included two that were tailored to the intimate surroundings of Alan Davies’ Stained Glass Workshop in East Barnby images-1(a recorder and harpsichord recital)







and the Turnstone Gallery in Sandsend photo(chalumeaux and clavichord). Surrounded by inspiring art displays and by current work-in-progress, the performances on fine modern copies of keyboard and woodwind instruments – continuing centuries-old traditions of crafstmanship – links music and sound to space and place in this very special setting.





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