Student Feedback

Students remarked on the stunning location of the course and in particular the concert venues. Highly valued were the intensity of instruction and personal practice, and the quite small numbers of participants, allowing extended work in depth and opportunities to ask detailed questions and reflect on learning experiences with the course tutors.



‘Johannes’ keyboards are clearly really fine instruments – feeling very lucky to have played them!’

‘Excellent mix of learning about the construction and action of the instruments with practical tuition’

‘Coaching and working with Jane Booth – foremost early clarinet specialist and playing instruments I never had a chance to before’


‘In just a few days, a much clearer understanding’P1000561

‘I gained lots of technical and scientific stuff about early keyboards’

P1000563‘[I achieved] greater awareness and appreciation of early instruments’

‘A better understanding of how to express myself on the classical clarinet’


‘A very good understanding of the differences between 3 [types of] keyboard instruments, how the sound is made. [I] have

P1000509started to get an idea of how this affects playing technique and sound expression’


‘The sense of tying into the community & celebrating craftsmanship’

‘Specific historical information to inform my music making’



‘I really enjoyed it – thank-you!’

[Click on the Soundcloud icons to hear soundclips] Unknown-4




And the future…

‘I’d like to learn a bit more about improvisation in classical music’

‘Make it longer!’

‘Further development of classical clarinet playing to a level suitable for professional work’

‘Please don’t open it up to too many people! Keep the standard high’







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